geogig-osm-import documentation


geogig osm import <filename> [–add] <repository> [<directory>] [–filter <file>] [–depth <depth>]


Imports OSM data from a file into the working tree of the repository. Optionally, a data mapping can be performed. See geogig-osm-map documentation for more information about how to define a mapping.

Data in the specified file is imported into GeoGig and put into two trees: way and node, with default feature types in both cases.

if a mapping is used and the canonical representations are also added to the repository (that is, if the --no-raw switch is not used) the working tree and index have to be clean, and after the import and mapping, a commit will be made . The comit message is automatically generated. A custom commit message cna be defined using the --message option.


<filename> The filename to import. Both pbf and OSM XML formats are supported

--add Do not remove previous OSM data and replace with the imported data. Instead, add the imported data to the existing OSM trees.
--message The message of the commit to create after the import operation.
--mapping <file>
 Imports using a mapping. file is the filename that contains the mapping to use.
--no-raw If a mapping is used, the canonical representations of the original OSM data are not stored in the way and node trees. Only the mapped data is added to the repository.


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