Configuring a GeoGig repositoryΒΆ

Once the repository is initialized, some further configuration is recommended to ease further work.

GeoGig configuration parameters are set using the geogig config command, which, in the case of setting a new value, has the following syntax:

geogig config <--global> param_name param_value

Parameters are divided in sections, and they are referred to in the form section.parameter.

When creating a new repository, we recommend that you set two parameters in the user section, which will identify you as the user of the repository. This is especially useful when sharing changes with others. When you later add changes to the repository to create new versions of your data, GeoGig will know who you are, so you will not have to enter this information manually each time.

To define your user, you must configure a name and an email address using the and parameters. Substitute the values in quotes with your own name and email address.

geogig config "Author"
geogig config ""

You can get a display of all the configured values by using the -l option.

geogig config -l

These parameters are valid just for this particular repository. You can also configure global parameters which will apply to all repositories created, unless overwritten by a local parameter.

To set the global value of a parameter, use the --global option.

geogig config --global "Author"
geogig config --global ""

You can also get a display of all the configured global values by using the -l option.

geogig config -l --global

Console text colouring can be set using the ansi.enabled parameter. Set the value to true or false to manually enable or disable ANSI support. This will override the auto-detection of ANSI support and shall be set at the global level using --global as shown below.

geogig config --global ansi.enabled true

To use auto-detection of ANSI support use the --unset flag to remove the ansi.enabled parameter.

geogig config --unset --global ansi.enabled

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