geogig-init documentation


geogig init [<directory>] [–config <config_param> <config_value> [<config_param> <config_value> …]]


This command creates an empty geogig repository - basically a .geogig directory with subdirectories for the object, refs, index, and config databases. An initial HEAD that references the HEAD of the master branch is also created.



<config_param>=<config_value>[,<config_param>=<config_value>…] Sets a configuration parameter used to init the repository. Configuration parameters mostly refer to the storage options for the differents elements of the repository. The following parameters are available:

  • storage.graph : sets the storage to use for the graph database. Valid values are ‘tinkergraph’, ‘mongodb’
  • storage.objects : sets the storage to use for the objects database. Valid values are ‘bdbje’, ‘mongodb’
  • storage.staging : sets the storage to use for the staging database. Valid values are ‘bdbje’, ‘mongodb’
  • storage.refs : sets the storage to use for references. Currently the only supported value is ‘file’

When specifying a given storage for a parameter, a version must also be supplied with another param/value pair. The following parameters and values are supported.

  • bdbje.version 0.1
  • tinkergraph.version 0.1
  • mongodb.version 0.1
  • file.version 1.0

The mongodb storage backend accepts additional parameters “mongodb.uri” and “mongodb.database” to specify connection parameters for the MongoDB server.



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