geogig-index-create documentation


geogig index create –tree <treeRefSpec> [–attribute <attributeName>] [–extra-attribute <attributeName>[,<attributeName]+] [–index-history]


Creates a new index on a specified feature tree using a geometry attribute in that tree. Extra attributes may also be specified in order to improve query performance when the data is filtered on those attributes.


--tree <treeRefSpec>
 Defines the ref spec that resolves to the feature tree that should be indexed (e.g. HEAD:Points, Points, etc). If no commit is defined, HEAD will be used.
-a, --attribute <attributeName>
 Defaults to the primary geometry attribute on the feature type. The name of the attribute that should be used for indexing.
-e, --extra-attributes <attributes>
 Comma separated list of extra attribute names to hold inside index
 If specified, indexes will be created for all commits in the history.
--bounds If specified, the max bounds of the spatial index will be set to this parameter. <minx,miny,maxx,maxy>


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